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Baby Kicks Tracker Pro

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Baby Kicks Tracker Pro

Keeping tracking baby’s fetal movement is an important work after week 28, two much or too little movements than normal should both be paid highly attention.

Tracking baby kicks is as easy as a tap if using this app, tap the button to record that fetal movement, it will keep baby kick’s time, duration with last kick, note: twist, turn and roll for example.

You can also export the history by email to share the data with doctors or friends.

Key Features:
⁃ Tap to record a baby kick with time, duration and note.
⁃ Edit or delete data manually.
⁃ Keep all data in history page.
⁃ Generates histogram reports for kick number and session time.
⁃ Custom session duration by hours and kick times.
⁃ Stop or cancel a session manually.
⁃ Set daily reminder to alert counting.
⁃ Export data by email.
⁃ Calculates gestational weeks.
⁃ Dropbox backup and restore.
⁃ Supports universal version (available on both iPhone and iPad).
⁃ Supports Apple Watch.

Please contact us by email for any feedback or suggestion: [email protected].