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Baby Kick Me

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Baby Kick Me

You want an easy-to-use and "ADS-FREE" App to take care of counting baby kicks and track your weight gain during your last few months of pregnancy? I am excited to announce that this App is all you need. This simple App runs on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch perfectly to fulfill your daily need to count for your baby kicks, with an easy access to record kick data and visualize them.

If you would like to record your baby kicks, visualize and modify data records on a single platform, have this App on iPhone is a pretty good choice. You might also find installing the App on iPad is quite useful as the split screen allows you to record/ count your baby kicks while watching videos since no one can guarantee the counting will be a short session. The App also connects with your iCloud so that all data collected on iPhone/iPad can be perfectly synced up. Besides, enabling the voice control in setting accessibility to operate on the timer page will best free your hands during your counting session.

If you are not a fan of carrying your iPhone or iPad when you are counting baby's kick, you will find using the watch App is quite helpful, which is a light version of its counterpart. By enabling watch connectivity in your App (iPhone only), you can count your baby kicks from your watch. The data collected on watch will automatically be sync up to your iPhone. You will see a data summary pop out on your iPhone App after watch session completed.

What's more, you can also track your weight using this App. By enabling weight tracking functionality and filling out your initial weight and height, you will get your calculated BMI, and we will use it as the estimator for anticipate your weight gain upper/lower bounds during your pregnancy.
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