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Baby Feeder

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Baby Feeder

Baby feeder (BabyFeeder) is a baby feeding tracker which allows you to easily log your feeding & nursing schedule whether you feed breast, bottle feed with formula or expressed milk. From the information shown you can prepare a baby feeding schedule tailored to your babies nursing needs which will help with baby growth and development.

It's easy to use and all on one screen.

You have:
- The ability to log breastfeeding by selecting breast and using the left or right button or log formula and expressed milk feeds for bottle feeding or a combination of all three
- Ability to log ml for expressed milk or formula
- Ability to set feeding intervals; on demand or hourly accompanied by automatic alerts reminding you when the feeds are due
- 7 days of logged information; type,length or amount of feed & intervals between feeds
- Simple start/stop button feature allowing you the ability to time the length of a feed

The app is *GREAT* for newborns, and can be included as part of baby development program. Your baby schedule is logged in the baby feeding log area of the screen.

We have been told by reviewers that:
- This is the perfect baby whisperer app.
- A great nursing log, newborn baby log.
- A simple baby feeding log that is very powerful for a free app.
- Bottle feeding is easy easily tracked and monitored by this app.
- A great way to track baby schedule and feeding
- An ideal breastfeeding stopwatch, ideal for baby nursing
- My breastfeeding friend
- One of the best baby schedule apps on the app store.

** iWatch Support is also included **

Remember to make sure your baby feed is used at regular intervals.