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b.trader (by Industrial Valores S.A.) it´s a FREE App that will help you follow and visualize Argentina's stock market at a glance in a simple way.
These are some of the features we prepared for you:
- Check out Argentina's main assets quotations, such as equities, bonds, currencies and futures.
- Follow assets you like the most in a Watchlist.
- Read the latest financial news from Reuters and tweets related to each asset.
- Get Technicals and Fundamentals of each asset (ratios,indicators, balances and stats).
- Get a picture of the market status with Heatmap charts, and share them with your friends.
We also included these important features:
- Yield calculator, cash flow and emission details for bonds.
- Currency converter.

This app is free to download and use.
News Source: Reuters
Industrial Valores S.A. - Somos Bind
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