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aXTimes Pro

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aXTimes Pro

aXTimes Pro – Efficient time recording with the LIVE ticker for your income

Here is the brand new version of the proven time recording app aXTimes. It now supports multiple customers and projects. Several screens have been updated and improved. You can import data from aXTimes version 1.5.0 into aXTimes Pro!

With aXTimes you can quickly and easily keep track of your working time and your income. As a freelancer you always have an eye on your income. As an employee with regular working hours you can evaluate your overtime, vacation and sick days. You can start immediately. All data is under your control on your iPhone.

aXTimes is for everybody who wants to keep track of working times efficiently. You can intuitively record the hours worked like you do with a time-punch machine or you can enter them manually. The working times and income will be displayed in a LIVE ticker and different reports. For further use you can easily export your recorded data and use it in other applications.

A special and unique feature is the LIVE ticker for your daily, monthly and yearly income. Watch your money grow on the aXTimes LIVE ticker!

The functions in detail:

- Start and stop time recording with a single button
- Change projects using a quick selection
- Record pauses
- Save comments
- Consideration of different time zones
- Record vacation days, public holidays and sick days

- Simple time recording on different projects
- Assignment of projects to customers (optional)
- Structuring of projects using sub projects (optional)
- Filtering of all screens and reports by projects
- The number of projects is limited in the free version
- This restriction can be removed by In-App purchase

- Display of current working and pause time in the live ticker
- Display of your income according to day, month and year in the live ticker
- Daily and monthly overview of working times
- Overtime calculation
- Display vacation days, public holidays and sick days

- Subsequent editing of all recorded data
- Input of additional working and pause times
- Copy function for existing entries

- Record your personal regular working days. Default is Monday until Friday.
- Planned working time
- Default pause for every day (optional)
- Hourly rate for the calculation of your income
- Default comment for new entries
- Rounding rules for working time reporting

- Export all recorded data as CSV-file
- Easy integration with Dropbox and many other services via standardized iOS-interfaces
- All reports also support information about the time zones in which the times were recorded.

- English
- German
- Swedish
- Hungarian

- aXTimes Pro has been developed for iOS 10
- All your data remains locally on your iPhone
- There is no service necessary for which you would have to register or login
- Support of Apple Watch

- Our dedicated developer team also implements your extension wishes. Contact us at [email protected]!
- All further questions regarding the use of aXTimes will be professionally answered by us
aXimilate Technology GmbH