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by AwoX
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by AwoX
AwoX SmartCONTROL allows you to discover and remotely control your energy-saving AwoX SmartLIGHT and your AwoX SmartPLUG. Fine-tune mood lighting using pre-defined favorites or themes, with one or groups of light bulbs, and optimize your energy consumption.

You can control the new Bluetooth Mesh devices range:
- Bluetooth secured network
- Group management up to 50 lightbulbs
- Extended coverage of connectivity by installing multiple bulbs within a home
- Simultaneous control from several smart phones
- Program multiple schedules for turning lighting off/on

Creation of a Cloud account has become mandatory since the introduction of Bluetooth Mesh lightbulbs onto the market.
Creating a cloud account enables users get their settings saved onto the Cloud, and to share preferences between users within a household.
Bluetooth Mesh security protocols require a unique connection per household so members of the same home can use Mesh lightbulbs on a network that is both private and secure; an essential function considering the large scale deployment of connected lighting on the market.
Account creation takes only a few seconds, and once authenticated in the app, the user does not need to re-enter his or her login and password.