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Awesome Time Logger

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Awesome Time Logger

Awesome Time Logger (Time Tracker) is a tool to track and analyze your time. It allows you to easily record and manage your time.

+ Apple Watch support
+ live agenda from calendars
+ custom reminders
+ export data as CSV
+ export to Dropbox
+ backup/restore data
+ custom categories
+ custom category color
+ report by day/week/month/year and custom range
+ tracking activity and category income/expense

«I force myself to request to my secretary every nine months to record my time for three weeks ... I promise myself and I promise her writing (she insists on it) that I have not fired her when she would bring results. And yet, though I'm doing this for five or six years, every time I cried: «This can not be, I know that I am losing a lot of time, but can not be that much ...» I wish I see someone with the results of other similar consideration.» - Peter Drucker


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Denis Shalagin