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aWatch Tally

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aWatch Tally

Tally is a simple to use counter. You do not need to look at the watch to count since most of the face of the watch can be tapped to register a count.

Bouncers use it to count the number people in the club. Count the number of times someone says, "You Know" in a conversation. Count the number of boxes in the warehouse. Count the number of times you are interrupted while working. Uses of Tally are almost limitless, use Tally to count the number of uses.

Tally is very easy to use, just tap the face of the watch.

Tally uses Apple Watch's Glance and Press Menu technology. The Glance shows the current count. The Press Menu may be used to clear the count.

Figure 1: Start Tally and see the last Count.

Figure 2: Starting a new count.

Figure 3: The Press Menu. Tapping Clear zeros-out your count.

Figure 4: Glance Screen.
Jeff Lefavi