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AVG Business SSO

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AVG Business SSO

AVG Business SSO for iOS™ provides access to your applications using one, secure, authenticated password to start the day. These same applications will also be available on your other devices. AVG Business SSO also allows you to customize your single sign on container to include your own apps, while keeping your personal and business worlds nicely separated.

Your company has implemented AVG Business SSO too because it provides your company a higher level of standards-based security and government regulatory compliance.

With AVG Business SSO:
• You don't have to remember lots of passwords
• You won't have to call your help desk to reset forgotten passwords
• You'll be able to use your own devices securely
• You can be more productive with your time.

Note: This AVG Business application works in conjunction with the Secure Sign On (SSO) service. If you haven’t been invited by IT to install, your IT service provider (AVG partner) must establish a subscription in order to configure access for you. Please contact your local IT service provider or AVG Business for more information.

By installing/updating this app, you agree that your use of it is governed by these terms:
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