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The AVA Hub App unlocks the potential of the Automated Videoing Assistant device (AVA). You'll need to own an AVA device for AVA Hub to work (can be purchased from The AVA Hub App is packed full of artificial intelligence machine learning models allowing the motorised AVA robot to auto-follow, auto-zoom from a chosen tracking subject.

AVA can track the Human Face, Human Body, Horse, Dog and Sports Ball keeping those subjects in the middle of the screen no matter how quick they try to move out of range of your iPhone camera view.

Face - Perfect for a 'piece to camera' video where you can amble around the scene and AVA will keep you in the middle

Person - TikTok dances, sports analysis, presentations...and more are ideally suited to person tracking.

Horse - Dressage training, rider analysis, gait analysis are all great benefits of the horse tracking mode.

Dog - Capture your dog running in the park with dog tracking

Sports Ball - Football in the park is an ideal environment for ball tracking

As well as auto-tracking functionality, the AVA Hub app also provides a series of digital remotes built in allowing you to manually control the AVA device. If you're looking for a perfect pano, a smooth moving pan shot, a group family photo, AVA's manual functionality can give you full control of smooth moving 360 degree movement.

Whether it's manual control function, AI auto-tracking or both at the same time, the AVA Hub app brings this functionality to the Automated Videoing Assistant.
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