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AutoND is a utility for landscape photographers that helps them to choose the right filter density.

Graduated neutral density filters are an essential tool for every landscape photographer. They are used to reduce the dynamic range of the scene, so that the camera sensor is able to catch all the details.

However, determining the right filter for a situation is a tedious task. This is where AutoND comes into play.

AutoND is not a camera app. It uses the camera on your mobile device to automatically measure the dynamic range of the scene and give you a filter recommendation.
It can also be used as an old fashioned filter density calculator where you put in two shutter speed values by hand.

Want to know the optimal filter for your scene? The workflow is surprisingly simple:

- Start the app
- Point your mobile devices camera to the brightest part of the scene and press the button
- Then point it to the darkest part of the scene and press the button again
- Now you automatically get a filter recommendation!
Stefan Engel