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This is a simply but comprehensive app to track your car's fuel economy / electric car's energy consumption and other fees.

Use this app to track fuel logs / energy logs, including odometer, fuel / energy charge, price, cost, date, receipt etc, repair logs, service logs and other fees like insurance, parking, vehicle cleaning etc.

This app will calculate the fuel economy / energy consumption, like miles per gallon, cost per mile, cost per day etc; the fuel economy / energy consumption unit can be set as yours.

Also it provides very comprehensive reports for the costs by category, period, service type, repair type, fees type and the tendency.

Key Features:
Fuels / Energies:
⁃ Track fuels filling up / energies charging logs with date, cost, price, cubage / capacity, odometer, distance compared with last filling up / charging, tank status / battery percentage, receipt and other note info.
⁃ Calculates fuel economy / energy consumption automatically.
⁃ Custom units for odometer, cubage / capacity and fuel economy / energy consumption.
⁃ Group logs by month.
⁃ Check fuel / energy charges by month.
⁃ Add, edit, and delete logs conveniently.

⁃ Track services logs with date, cost, receipt and service type etc.
⁃ Check logs by month, cost or type.
⁃ Add, edit, and delete logs conveniently.
⁃ Custom service types and their service interval by odometer and time.
⁃ Set reminders for each service by date or odometer interval.

⁃ Track repair logs with date, cost, receipt and repair type etc.
⁃ Check logs by month, cost or type.
⁃ Add, edit, and delete logs conveniently.
⁃ Custom repair types.

⁃ Calendar overview of expenses.
⁃ Track fees like insurance, parking, washing, tolls, and taxes etc.
⁃ Track unlimited vehicles separately.
⁃ Eight reports for vehicles’ cost.
⁃ Check total fees by each category.
⁃ Imports data into this app from Dropbox or iTunes.
⁃ Export data in format of PDF, CSV or HTML by email.
⁃ Passcode protection.
⁃ Custom units and currency.
⁃ iCloud and Dropbox backup and restore.
⁃ Supports universal version.

If you have any question, please email to [email protected]
Zhengzhou Yeqiang Technology Co., Ltd