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Auto Dodge

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Auto Dodge

A tiny addictive Arcade Game !

“Auto Dodge” brings classic Arcade Gaming in super smooth modern style to your Apple Watch

Pick up all the dots, whilst avoiding the CPU controlled Cars.

Move up the levels and race against up to 3 CPU Cars

This game plays standalone on the Apple Watch, or pair with your iPhone for Game Center features

• No onscreen buttons - just swipe to change direction
• Super Smooth frame rate
• Speed up and Slow down with the Digital Crown
• Amazing Arcade gameplay on your Apple Watch !
• Compete with friends and the whole world with Game Centre on your Apple Watch
• Plays standalone without your iPhone

• Choose which lane to move to by swiping
• Swipe twice to change 2 lanes at once
• Decide to switch lanes before the lane change gaps
• Swipe in the direction of the lane change in the gap
• On-screen indicator shows selected lane change
• Change your lane choice as much as you like
• Rotate Digital Crown to speed up or slow down

Proudly made in the UK
Lazrhog Games