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Authenticator App

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Authenticator App

Authenticator app is a highly recommended free 2FA authentication app used for securing your multiple accounts on different platforms such as Social Media, the Internet and many such 1000+ services!

Take a look at the unique features of the app:

- Apple Watch Support
Now access your 2-factor & multi-factor authentication codes from your Apple watch for faster accessibility.

- Super Safe & Secure:

Your passwords are safe and sound as the app has no data exchange with the internet, so no one can get to know it except you.

- Scan QR Code:

Just one tap QR scan for easy access and hassle-free registration.

- Enter Code Manually:

Enter a secret key to the app for secure authentication.

- Supports All Popular Accounts:

Authenticator app supports the most popular services including Facebook, Coinbase, Amazon, Google, Instagram, Roblox and thousands of other providers.

- No Password Stored:

The application generates Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP), stored on the user's phone without internet access. This solution dramatically increases login security.

- Encrypted Backup:

In Authenticator, you can always make a secure encrypted backup, in case you lose your device or switch to a new one.

For a safe and secure experience try the application NOW!

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For any questions or requests, please use our customer support: [email protected]
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