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Autarkie Manager

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Autarkie Manager

Our autarky manager ( allows you to manage your TESLA Powerwall/Roof, E3/DC system or OpenWB installation.

The comprehensive visualization of all energy flows in your home gives you a complete picture of how much energy is currently drawn from your solar panel / battery / grid and where it is consumed (home / battery / grid / virtual wallbox). It is also possible, as an optional premium feature, to store your energy data for a period of up to 2 years. This will give you a long term overview of how and where your energy was generated and consumed. Configurable notifications let you when certain conditions are met in near real time.

The Apple Watch integration shows you the charging state of your battery and how much power it currently consumes / provides. In addition to that, as a premium feature, a beautiful visualization of the current energy flow (sankey diagram) and an overview of the last 24 hours. This premium feature also gives you a rich set of watch complications so that you do not even have to open the watch app.

Beginning with iOS 14 we support Widgets which allow you to have a quick overview of your system.

tl;dr? :-) no problem, here is a summary of all the features you get:

* Comprehensive and complete visualization of all energy flows in your home (last 24 hours)
* Overview of the consumed / generated power over the last days (can be extended to 2 years with our premium feature)
* Build your own notification rule set in order to get message if something has happened
* Apple Watch integration - battery state of charge and current charge / drain power both in app and as complication
* iOS 14 Widget - state of your system with all important benchmarks

Premium Features:
* Storage of the generated / consumed power for up to two years
* Notifications
* Extended Apple Watch features - beautiful energy flow diagram (sankey) of your systems current state / 24h overview graph. More complications for you to stay informed, all the time.
* Intelligent charging of your TESLA car with just a simple wallplug (Virtual Wallbox)
* Support for chargers from for solar based vehicle charging
* Enhanced Widgets showing a Sankey- and Line-Diagram
* Real time data acquisition via RSCP exclusively for E3DC systems (update interval configurable between 1 and 30 seconds). This includes detailed performance information for the DC/DC Converter, String Inverter and the battery data (shown on Dashboard when clicking on PV and Battery icon).

NOTE: No purchase of Widgets necessary, if the 'extended Apple Watch' feature has already been bought.
Maria Meisel