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Auspi Calendar

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Auspi Calendar

The Auspi Calendar is a Place and Purpose specific, innovative application which allows one to manage ones events not only systematically but also with better results. The Calendar also addresses the style aspects of the individual.

The Auspi Calendar is based on our ancient Hindu wisdom of managing Time.

Tthe current version has following features implemented:
1. Support of two calendars - The Bhartiya Saur or the Indian National Calendar and the Hindu Panchang overlapped over the Gregorian calendar
2. Hindu Time attributes based on Sun.
3. Hindu Time attributes based on Moon.
4. Addition of events based on Gregorian calendar
5. Summary, Daily and Monthly view of the time and calendar
6. Information about Auspicious and Inauspicious times
7. Auspicious colour of the day

Following is the basis of implementing the above features:

The science of architecture has been developed after careful study of the Direction i.e. the magnetic field. The ancient books on Architecture provide us enough proofs in support of this. To think in terms of Architecture, is to think with reference to Direction and Time.

In the study of the concept of Time, it is essential to consider the speed of planets and Time measurement. Most of the Time measurement systems in the world today depend on the movement of the Sun and the Moon in space.

The cycle of seasons is totally dependent on the Sun and the main stay of all the religions is the Moon. The Hindu religious belief is that, The Sun influences the outer life i.e. the body, where as the mental activity is influenced by Moon.

The Moon has no place in the exclusive solar Time measurement system while in the exclusive Lunar Time Measurement system; the sun is thrown to winds. The Time Measurement system can be divided in two ways, viz. Lunar Time Measurement for religious purposes and Solar Time Measurement for social practical usage.

Time sense science is useful in the life of every human being. Date, day, solar zodiacal sign, sky observation enable even the illiterate rural people to make a rough forecast about the weather and rains and so to plan their life support activities accordingly.

At present the Gregorian system is followed all over the world, through there are short comings.

The Govt. of India adopted Bhartiya Saur Calendar System for Govt. activities/function and in common on Bharatiya Saur chaitra 1 Saka Samvat 1879 i.e. 22nd March, 1957. It is improved and different from the present Gregorian calendar system.

Accordingly, the Reserve Bank of India adopted it and passed an order that, it is mandatory for all banks and financial organizations to accept legal cheques bearing dates as per Bhartiya Saur Calendar System, if the one otherwise is legal. Although it is totally an Indian Calendar accepted by Govt. of India, yet it is to be fully accepted by Indians. Most of the banks were not serious about this, hence in 1974 and 1992, the Reserve Bank of India had to issue special direction Ref. Reserve Bank, "Credit information review issue, September 1992. Number 158” And yet the common man is not much aware of Bharatiya Saur Calendar.

Why should this happen?
May be Ignorance. But the main reason for this is a need of a watch/clock showing Indian solar calendar system. This calendar needs to be presented properly. The AuspiWatch Software launching version is a small attempt in this direction. Now it it’s a matter of pride that, a calendar representing Indian solar calendar system has been designed by us.

The Product shows us the Today's Bharatiya Saur(Indian National Calendar) Date and Time.

For the promotion and spread of the Bharatiya Saur Calendar among the people, the chief measure to be adopted is that, all financial transactions etc. should be as per the Bharatiya Saur Calendar. Only then the Indian solar calendar shall be established and become popular.
Sanjay Mahashabde