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Auslan Games

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Auslan Games


Learn auslan alphabet as you play games. Auslan is short for Australian Sign Language. The five screens of the app will help you to study and practice auslan alphabet.

Alphabet screen
Here you can view and learn the alphabet. This screen also displays Alphabet list.
Tiles screen
Match the auslan pictures to the letters. Your best time for each word is shown.
Slots screen
Spin the auslan pictures in the picker to match displayed words. Beat your best time.
Cards screen
Five letter words and five auslan pictures are randomly displayed. Connect the correct pairs to complete the game.
Test screen
Test your progress here by recognising the displayed words and submitting the correct answer.

Each screen has a hint button, which provides brief help information.
Show Me button in Tiles and Slots screens will demonstrate how the app works.
Use Reset button to reset the scores.
Turn sound on and off by selecting the speaker button.
John Novak