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Aura is an app designed to help people with epilepsy by alerting their surroundings and caregivers when a seizure attack about to happen.

Main Features:
• Seizure Alert
When help is needed, you can alert your surroundings and caregivers with a simple tap.

• Help Delay
Sometimes you feel aura prior to seizures, but not all of them result in a seizure. You can set your help delay within 60 seconds. If the aura subsides you can cancel the seizure alert before it goes out. If the aura does result in a seizure then the alert will be sent to your emergency contacts.

• Seizure First Aid Guidance
Guide nearby bystanders to perform a proper seizure first aid with GIF animation and audio guidance.

• Live Location When Alert
When seizure alert are sent to emergency contacts, your location and seizure status are provided in the notifications your caregivers receive.

• Nearby Hospital
Easy access to find nearby hospital from your current location in an emergency situation.

• Alert Sounds
You can choose alert sound to notify others around you when a seizure event occurs.

• Seizure Logs
Every seizure event is automatically saved in your logs. You have the ability to add more details about the seizure event which include duration, mood, triggers, notes, and more.

Please give us feedbacks on how Aura is working for you. The more feedback we receive will provide us information we need to improve in future versions.

If you have any questions or have feedback, please contact us at: [email protected].

HealthKit integration is to sync your Medical ID data from Apple Health app to Aura.

Although Aura might known as Seizure Helper,
Aura does not prevent seizures, should not be used for diagnosis and is not a substitute for medical care. Use of Aura should be a supplement to other medical treatments you are already using.

Seizure first aid information acquired from Epilepsy Foundation: