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AURA Pro is a SMART & STUNNING weather forecast app, specially made for DRONE & UAV flights. It’s super easy for BEGINNERS, and so powerful for ADVANCED pilot.

• Hour-by-hour & day-by-day forecasts.
• MINUTELY forecast.
• Well designed UI & UX.
• Smart weather analysis.
• Wind, satellites (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo), No-Fly Zones, government weather alerts, solar activity (Kp), precipitation, visibility, etc.
• Time Travel to anywhere in the future.
• Active Weather Scanner. Let AURA work for you.
• Guide & suggestions for various conditions.
• Stunning Dark Mode. More than meets the eye.
• Full iPad, Apple Watch, & Watch Complications support.
• Color blindness support, esp. Achromatopsia & Daltonism.
• The best of all: It's a one-time purchase & it's YOURS FOREVER.

Perfect for DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Air 2S, DJI Spark, DJI Phantom, DJI Inspire, GoPro drones, Parrot Bebop, Anafi, Fimi, Yuneec, Ryze, Hubsan, Syma, Eachine mini drones or whatever your drone is. It’s a must-have for all drone pilot.

●●● How Smart? ●●●
AURA’s analysis & scoring systems are powered by Artificial Intelligence, that translates complicated weather-drone data into a score & friendly SIMPLE SENTENCES.

●●● All in One ●●●
We take into account all weather & space elements that are important to drone flights (such as wind, satellites, No-Fly Zones, solar activity, etc.) and put them all together on a WELL DESIGNED INTERFACE. This makes it easier to view all the critical information in a single view, without having to navigate around to different pages.

●●● The Power to Time Travel ●●●
AURA provides HOUR-BY-HOUR & day-by-day forecasts. So you can find not only the best day to fly, but the also best hour of the day. ANYWHERE on this planet. For now, AURA supports weather on EARTH only.

●●● Not Good to Fly?? ●●●
Wait! We understand sometimes perfect weather is rare. But even if you can’t find one, maybe you shouldn’t cancel your flight yet, since AURA can give you guide & suggestions on how to fly in that not-so-good weather.
What are the things to pay more attention to, what additional tools to use, how to control the drone in certain condition and so on.

●●● Light or Dark Mode ●●●
While the default Light Theme is meticulously designed in high-contrast for bright & sunny environment, the DARK THEME is more easy on the eyes. Both literally & idiomatically. It's perfect for night time flying or checking Aura indoors.
Or use “Auto Theme” and watch as Aura changes theme automagically according to sunrise & sunset on your location.

●●● No-Fly Zone ●●●
Someday you’re ready to fly on a new interesting location. But little did you know, there’s a small airport nearby. Flying a drone there would be considered a felony.
Don’t let this happen, plan your flights by checking AURA in advance. Check wether a location is drone-restricted or how far is it from the restricted area.
Currently there are 60k+ NFZs in our database! If you know an NFZ that's not included in AURA, just let us know. Our team will verify it.

●●● Apple Watch Support ●●●
Bring AURA’s intelligence to your wrist & experience the finest weather-checking moments.

This won’t just be it. Cool features are coming your way!
Give us some thoughts to aura [at] danielvw [dot] com.
And thank you to the entire drone community for all contribution & support.

Happy Droning!
Daniel Widjaja