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Audio Techniques|Speaker Test

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Audio Techniques|Speaker Test

Use Audio Techniques|Speaker Test to check your speakers or for an in class demo to teach polarity and phase.

Included sounds: Pink noise, Sine Wave Sweep 20 to 20k, Clicks and 1k Sine Wave.
Flip all 4 included sounds polarity with a touch of a button for easy demo or speaker test.

Bounce Track, play any downloaded music in your iTunes collection to test your speakers. (Polarity Flip does not flip the music track)

When testing the polarity flip on the mono speaker of the iOS device the sound will seem to disappear. Normal left +/- right +/- , polarity flipped left +/- right -/+ (or inverted).

Apple Watch support: From the Apple Watch you can trigger the Polarity Flip, and play or stop all sound.
MPG Interactive Arts