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Audio Gear Plus

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Audio Gear Plus

All the possibilities of major sound studious are now gathered in one app for your mobile device! Audio Gear Plus is a perfect instrument for those who love to spend hours searching for the sound they need! Immense adjustability together with intuitive controls and powerful effects bring you almost infinite musical possibilities! It doesn’t matter what musical style you prefer, this audio station suits everyone! Create as fast as you can think!

HOW TO USE: Choose the instrument you like in the main panel and drag and drop it to the working area. You can connect the instruments via virtual cables. Use the mixer to control pan, volume and other effects of a certain instrument or the whole mix with the master panel. Push the record button to record your mix and save it into an audio file, or record short sample and add them into loops of the drum machine. You can also use your mic to record other sounds and your voice.

Audio Gear Plus features:
- Huge number of virtual instruments
- Powerful libraries of effects and tools
- Intuitive controls and eye-pleasing visuals
- Impressively adjustable sample machine
- Integrated samples and presets

Discover a new world of mobile musical possibilities with Audio Gear Plus and let the whole world know your name!
Music Paradise, LLC