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ATLANTICO Mobile Banking

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ATLANTICO Mobile Banking

The ATLANTICO Directo application is a new way to go to the Bank, more comfortable and adapted to the rhythm of your day to day.

For you who value greater mobility and control of your financial life, we have created the ATLANTICO Directo so that you can make transfers, payments, top ups, consultations and more, wherever and whenever you want, easily, quickly and safely.

The ATLANTICO Directo application is available on your phone or tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to do:

•Direct mobile top ups, television and internet;
•Water payments, electricity, travel ...;
•Check account balance and account movements in real time;
•Free and real time bank transfers between ATLANTICO accounts;
•Interbank transfers;
•Savings in order to prepare for the future;
•QR code transfers and payments;
•Request payment checks;
•Exchange rate queries;
•Login with facial recognition, fingerprint, iris or custom pin. It's your choice;
•Creation and use of favorites for transfers and payments;
•Customizing the profile photo and account name;
•View and download statements;
•And much more...

Find out more about ATLANTICO Directo at or contact us on +244 923 168 168 or +244 226 460 460.
Banco Millennium ATLANTICO, S.A