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Athlete transforms workout data into Apple Watch complications. No matter if you prefer running, cycling or strength training, Athlete's got you covered.

Set targets, track progress
You can set targets for different time intervals and different sports. Athlete will monitor your Apple Health data automatically to track your progress and inform you whenever you reached one of your targets.

Most fitness watches have complications to display progress, a feature missing from the Apple Watch. So we decided to change this. Tell Athlete what numbers matter most to you and we will motivate you by displaying it on your wrist

Check key figures that measure the intensity of your workouts to see how you performed over time. Only working out at 300kcal per hour this week? Push harder next week and see the trend go up over time!

New features
Athlete is constantly being extended with new features. Let us know what you would like to see next: [email protected]
Lukas Krenn