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Athena Delegation

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Athena Delegation

Athena Delegation helps you delegate 10x more by sending your Executive Assistant instant voice notes.

When delegating by voice, you are able to get information to your Executive Assistant faster, anytime, and at any place. Delegating by voice is 4x faster than delegating via email/message. Our app allows you to delegate easily at the gym, when you’re jumping between meetings, or maybe even outside walking your dog.

Use Athena Delegation to:
• Auto-record. After setting up the app, it will instantly record audio every time you open it. Just talk and hit send.
• Auto-close. After you send a memo, the app will automatically close so you can get back to work. Unlike most apps which want you to spend *more* time in the app, our goal is instead to help you delegate faster, *saving* you time.
• Integrate with Slack, Email or Asana. You can choose to send your voice notes to your EA via email, Slack, Asana or any combination of channels.
• Instant transcription. After the app closes, your voice note will be instantly transcribed and both the voice memo and transcribed text is sent to your EA.
• Offline send. The app works when you are offline, so if you send voice notes away from wifi or cell, the voice notes will send when you are back online and open the app.
• Chat with your Executive Assistant. Check in with your EA in the same place you send delegations. Send text or pictures and know whether your message has been sent, delivered, and/or read.

If you want to become a 10x delegator, you must become an expert at voice delegation. Use this app from to practice voice delegating every day for the next few months, and you will soon be getting 10x more leverage, impact, and success.

Having any issues? Please reach out to [email protected] to send any feedback/questions.
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