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Astro Smiley

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Astro Smiley

Use Astro Smiley to predict your days and know your future.
This app uses the science of numerology, astrology and horoscopes combined in one single complex algorithm to predict about you.

Daily horoscopes are shown in form of cute smileys.
And detailed Future predictions are given in text written in simplest form to explain everything without any confusion.

This app aims at being your daily guide and hence, would also provide you with your daily lucky color and most favorable time of the day. You would also be able to share your daily “Astro Smileys” with your friends and family using Facebook, twitter, email, iMessage etc.

Astro Smiley includes glances and notifications for Apple Watch.


- Provision to enter your date of birth
- Calculation of daily horoscopes represented in form of “Astro Smileys”
- Detailed future analysis ( In-App purchase)
- Daily notifications to remind you to check out your day
- Daily lucky color and lucky hours
- Option to share “Astro Smileys” with your friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, mail, etc.
- Glances and notification for Apple Watch
Vikas Mittal