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Astro Pro

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Astro Pro

Professional suite of apps for astrologers, that include iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV versions. You can also check for a Mac version in Mac App Store.

Main features:
+ detailed natal and transit charts;
+ planet characteristics;
+ detailed aspect information screen
+ save dates & locations for later usage;
+ export/import event database to a file – save it on your iCloud or other drive and share/exchange event dates with Mac version & others
+ handoff/continuity between iPhone and iPad
+ today widget with complete radix or transit chart for a favorited event
+ state restoration: app always opens on the screen where you had left it

Extensive configuration:
+ configure planets list;
+ configure which aspects to use;
+ configure aspect orb;
+ switch between spherical (3D) coordinates and ecliptical coordinates for aspects computations;
+ switch between using true Zodiacal constellations (13) or classical Zodiac signs (12);
+ choose from different fonts to display astrological signs;
+ support for time zones;
+ simple geolocation interface.

With each release the program adds many more new features; we have already made 5 big updates and will continue! Our team will be adding much more professional functionality with each release – and the price of the app will increase. So buy it now and become an early adopter! We will be happy to hear your suggestions on your feature requirements, so write a review and give us feedback.

Important: unlike other astrological software, the app optionally allows to compute and use 3D celestial coordinates (not ecliptic projections) and 13 real astronomic Zodiac constellations. Use the app configuration panel to set this up!
Maxim Orlovsky