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We curate the universe's whispers, serving you only the juiciest bits.

Introducing "AstroLab" - the astrology app for people who want to go beyond the typical horoscope. Our app is designed for those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe around them.

AstroLab's snazzy, minimalist interface zeroes in on the most intriguing aspects of your astrological chart, dishing out sizzling insights in categories like love, career, and wellness.

Our stellar features will have you starstruck:

Personalized cosmic tea for every aspect of your life, because who doesn't love a daily dose of celestial guidance?

A full explainer of your birth chart, revealing all the astrological deets you need to unlock your cosmic secrets.

Fresh tarot wisdom every day, like a celestial fortune cookie with a side of mystique.

A cosmic transits report, keeping you in the loop on how the latest celestial shenanigans influence your life.

AstroLab's advanced algorithms sift through the zodiac's latest gossip to bring you only the most accurate and personalized insights. No more generic horoscopes, just the good stuff!

Stop blaming Mercury retrograde and download AstroLab - it's time to get astro-savvy!
Yohan Gouiran