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Astro Future

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Astro Future

Astro Future is your daily horoscope with detailed interpretations for natal and transit charts.

Scroll through the future and watch planets and asteroids move through the zodiac and investigate how they influence your horoscope through ever moving aspects.

Amazing insight in astrology with beautiful PDF horoscope reports.

Uncover the love horoscope compatibility of 2 persons with the Love Horoscope Pack installed.


1. Natal charts with full detailed horoscope.

2. Transit charts with daily horoscope and the possibility to scroll into the future and watch the planets move through the zodiac to better understand the relationship between planets and their astrology

3. Synastry charts to see how two individuals influence each other's horoscope.

4. With the Love Horoscope Pack installed, you can check the horoscope compatibility between two (potential) lovers and see what astrology has in store for them

5. Make a beautiful snapshot of your horoscope and zodiac and share it with family and friends.

5. Enter as many family members and friends as you like and find out their horoscope.

6. With the Horoscope Events Pack installed, let Astro Future find special astronomical moments like lunar and solar eclipses, solstices and equinoxes or moments with special meaning in astrology like retrogrades and planetary birthdays .

7. Check out the balance between astrology elements (fire, earth, air and water), qualities (fixed, cardinal and mutable) and dualities (masculine and feminine) in all of your horoscopes.
Hans De Jongh