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Assigned! is all about keeping track of your high school or middle school life, and making sure you don't miss anything. It lets you carry around your schedule on your phone, and even reminds you when you haven't completed your homework yet, or if you need to study for a test. Here are a few things you can do with Assigned!:

- Keep track of your school schedule
- Assigned! has many options to make sure it works with every school! You can set the number of periods in a day, set the number of weeks, tell the app if you have a rotating schedule (A days, B days, and so on) or if you only have a one day schedule.
- Keep track of homework
- If your homework is due the next day and you still haven't completed it, you can set a time for Assigned! to remind you about it.
- There are many different types of homework, from reading to tasked, which let you know how close to completing your homework you are.
- Keep track of tests
- You can specify when you want to be notified to study, what the test topic is, whether it is a quiz or a test, and what you need to study.
- Both Homework and Tests can contain images, for when a teacher writes instructions on the board.
- You can also send homework and tests to a friend, if they forgot to write it down.
- View assignments on your wrist with the Apple Watch app!

There are many more features in the app, and more on their way, so get downloading and have a great school year!

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