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ASpeech is the language/translator app for Travel.

The 96 Survival Phrases in 29 languages to keep in your pocket when traveling in any countries without misunderstanding in communication.

Having difficulty of pronunciation?
" ASpeech " can correctly speak up to 29 Unique accents. And if you’re traveling in a region where English isn’t widely spoken as a second language, the key phrases in the app are absolutely indispensable.

Master these phrases and test them out in your next trip and see what happens. (°0°)

Regions: Anywhere in the world.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

■ Click on each flag to speak

Languages Available :
■ English (United States)
■ Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
■ Chinese (China)
■ Czech (Czech Republic)
■ Danish (Denmark)
■ Dutch (Belgium)
■ Dutch (Netherlands)
■ English (United Kingdom)
■ Finnish (Finland)
■ French (France)
■ German (Germany)
■ Greek (Greece)
■ Hebrew (Israel)
■ Hindi (India)
■ Hungarian (Hungary)
■ Indonesian (Indonesia)
■ Italian (Italy)
■ Japanese (Japan)
■ Korean (South Korea)
■ Norwegian (Norway)
■ Polish (Poland)
■ Portuguese (Portugal)
■ Romanian (Romania)
■ Russian (Russia)
■ Slovak (Slovakia)
■ Spanish (Spain)
■ Swedish (Sweden)
■ Thai (Thailand)
■ Turkish (Turkey)

Have a nice trip.
I appreciate your feedback and support. Please feel free to share your experience with other users.
Nutnicha Paladsang