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ASO Toolkit by Redbox Mobile

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ASO Toolkit by Redbox Mobile

Level up your app’s ASO with the ASO Toolkit!

We’ve developed the ASO Toolkit app for indie iOS developers whether they are completed beginners or seasoned pros at optimizing their app for the App Store. There are tips and guides for where to get started in the world of App Store Optimization and tools to view rankings, analyze metadata and more for advanced users.

ASO Toolkit contains these great features:


View your app’s existing metadata on the App Store and compare it against other apps to see which has the highest ASO Score. If your app has a poor ASO Score, we’ll offer you suggestions on how you can improve it.

There’s no need to leave the app to get started with new metadata, you can create drafts that will allow you to prototype different metadata variations. Once you’re happy with a draft, you can complete the draft and upload it directly to App Store Connect. Drafts can be localized in all App Store languages too.


The ASO Toolkit has full support for viewing your app’s keyword rankings in any App Store country. Keywords you’ve tracked will show trend movements over the past 7 days but you can drill down to an individual keyword to view rankings for up to the past year and even compare them on a graph with your competitor apps too.


Ever wanted to see where your app ranks in different countries? The Category Rankings tool allows you to add any combination of countries to instantly view category rankings all on one screen. You can even compare rankings with your competitors too.


Quickly access all of your app’s core metrics using the App Overview. You’ll be able to see your app’s ASO Score, keyword trends, current category ranking and more with just a glance. The App Overview also makes it easy to manage your competitors and see more details about your app too. You’ll be able to give your app a custom name to make it easier to find and even set the default country and language from here too.


The Storefront Switcher allows you to quickly change the country that the App Store is using on your device. This is useful for quickly seeing if your app has been featured in other countries that you wouldn’t normally be able to access.


We believe strongly in educating everyone on ASO so we’re pleased to include some guides and tips to allow ASO beginners to get started in optimizing their apps.


The ASO Toolkit supports linking with your App Store Connect account to get access to the ability to quickly add apps in your account to the ASO Toolkit. You’ll also be able to view metadata from App Store Connect and then upload new drafts too. When you’re done, you can then submit builds for review - all without leaving the app.


With our Widgets, you’ll be able to quickly view category and keyword rankings from your Home Screen without launching the app. There’s even support for switching App Store countries from the Widgets too. Each Widget has a corresponding Siri Shortcut too so you’ll be able to just ask Siri to view rankings or switch countries.


The Ratings & Reviews tool allows you to see how users are perceiving your app. You’ll be able to see the star rating, a breakdown by stars and the reviews left by each user.


Using the App Updates tool, you’ll be able to see the most recent updates you have made to your app and when it was released.


You’ll be able to see all of your app’s screenshots and the app icon in more detail using the Creatives tool.


We have a few other tools to help you get started with ASO too: Keyword Lookup, Metadata Prototype & Top Charts.


All of your apps you’ve saved on one device and corresponding metadata, keywords and more will automatically sync to your other iCloud connected devices.

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