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Ashtanga Yoga Practice Diary

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Ashtanga Yoga Practice Diary

Make the most out of your Ashtanga Yoga practice!

This App can be used to track your progress in Ashtanga Yoga. You can track the following the following data:

⁃ Date and Time
⁃ Duration
⁃ How focused was your practice?
⁃ How (physically) intense was your practice?

Moreover, you can enter comments on your practice.

All data will be summarized in different beautiful charts - thus, you can track your progress in Yoga.

Optionally, the app can make use of the HealthKit-Framework to track your calories burned during your practice (please not that this is an option and not needed for the functionality).

If you are registered at, you can also synchronize your practice with the Ashtanga diary there. This site is also a great place to find out more about Ashtanga Yoga.