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Ascenti Physio

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Ascenti Physio

The Ascenti Physio App: Physiotherapy services at the touch of a button

Once you book an appointment with Ascenti you will be sent a code to access our free exercise and rehabilitation app.

Download the app and enter your access code to gain round the clock access to expert advice, guided exercise videos and tailored rehabilitation programmes as prescribed by your Ascenti physio.

Why use the Ascenti Physio App?

• Be supported on your journey to recovery with 24/7 access to expert advice and tailored exercise programs.

• Carry out exercises in the comfort of your home with guided videos that can be downloaded and viewed at any time.

• Set yourself in-app reminders so that you always remember to complete your exercises.

• Record your progress and leave real-time feedback, allowing your physiotherapist to track your recovery and tailor your program as needed.

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