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Healthier batteries for a healthier planet.

The ARROE app helps extend the lifespan of your device batteries so they can be replaced less often. Better for the environment and better for your wallet.

+ Get notified when your devices are charged or need charging
+ Monitor the battery levels of all your devices in one place (phone / laptop / tablet / smartwatch)
+ Extend the lifespan of your devices with Optimised Charging recommendations
+ Pair with the ARROE Desktop Client apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux to extend the lifespan of your laptop
+ Location summaries ensure your devices are always charged and ready to use when you need them by telling you what devices need to be charged as soon as you arrive home, at your office, or any other location chosen by you
+ Integrate your calendar and get notified if you need to charge your devices before leaving for an upcoming event
+ Machine learning battery predictions tell you the time remaining and time of day your battery will expire or be fully charged based on historical usage
+ Connect to the ARROE Smart Charging System to charge all 
your devices


In 2019 there was 53.6 million tons of e-waste. Only 17.4% of e-waste is collected and recycled. The rest ends up in landfills.

The environmental impact of producing lithium-ion batteries and dealing with lithium-ion waste is wide-ranging: poisoning water supplies, creating water droughts, contaminating the air we breathe and polluting the soil.

The main problem is that manufacturing new batteries is cheaper than recycling old ones. So the best solution is to get the most out of the batteries we already have by making our devices last as long as possible, so that they need to be replaced less frequently.


You can reduce e-waste and lower your carbon footprint by taking better care of the batteries in your phones, laptops and mobile devices. Start making a difference with the ARROE app today.
ARROE Limited