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Thanks for choosing arnoo app
You can download the app via your mobile phone or pad.
It can help you to control your smart home devices remotely and know what’s going on in your house from the app.arnoo app supports Home Security Starter Kit, Smart Plug, other Zigbee and WIFI devices (bulbs, remote control, etc.)

1. Homepage
a. Turn on and Turn off your bulbs, plugs, etc.
b. See the status of your sensors, Wi-Fi connection and batteries.
c. Adjust device icon positions according to your using habit.

2. Scene
a. Design different scenarios with different lighting and device status.
b. Choose the scenarios you designed for different room, mood and time, it could be Reading, Movie, Dinner, Away, etc.
c. Adjust scenario icon positions according to your using habit.

3. Security
a. Arm and disarm your home remotely.
B .Receive push notification if anything happens

4. Voice control
You can also control your devices via voice control.

We will continue updating this app to give you a better using experience.
Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd