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The ARMalytics app provides a native iOS experience of All Response Media’s proprietary Live Pulse real-time TV monitoring tool. It is made available to our clients and prospective clients to keep them abreast of any of their large TV adverts coming up and to notify them in real-time when there is an influx of traffic due to their optimized TV advertisement campaign. With iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch integration this app will ensure you are close to the hard beat of your media advertising.

This app will allow our clients to login, view the Live Pulse chart, see upcoming spots and it also contains direct links into the full ARMalytics suite with automated authentication.

Our proprietary systems suite, ARMalytics, is unique and bespoke. We built it ourselves because there wasn’t anything in the market sufficiently good enough to fit our clients’ needs. And there still isn’t! And out of these multimedia measurement experiences one thing was becoming more and more clear: the Power of TV.
All Response Media Ltd.