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Arm workout hiit training PRO

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Arm workout hiit training PRO

The app contains 9 workout sections in which:
- Every section has 15 workouts and none is repeated:
- Every workout has it's own idea: it can be connecter with superhero, number, animal, etc. ;
- 9 different section variations: you can choose yourself what you need - gymnastics, kettlebell, dumbbell or pull-up bar and different combinations;
- 1 of 9 section is in honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger system - you can try workouts of champion!

Our body is difficult system with lots of "safety devices". If you want to pump your arms you should pump the whole body first. In this app we tried to collect workouts and exercises in which you train all the arms muscles and also the whole body.

And also:
- Every exercise has detailed description, photo and video instruction;
- After finishing workout you can share your results on Facebook, twitter and other social networks.

As one great champion said, "You can tell that your genetics are bad, metabolism is slow, but you can just get up from sofa and start working, set a goal and believe in your power. In this case you can achieve a success."

The application supports Health app:
At your request, the data on completed training will be automatically added to the Health app.
Alexander Senin