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Arm Speed Analyzer for Watch

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Arm Speed Analyzer for Watch

Great for Disc Golf, Baseball, Tennis and more; use Arm Speed Analyzer to track throw (or swing) speed and acceleration using your Apple Watch! See realtime speed now.

Using Arm Speed Analyzer you can Track and Record:
Disc throw speed
Golf swing speed
Tennis swing speed
Baseball bat swing speed
Cricket bat swing speed
Frisbee throw speed
Football throw speed
Baseball throw speed
Hockey stick swing speed
Lacrosse stick swing speed
General Arm movement speed

Even place your Apple Watch around your ankle to track leg speed!

Consistency is key in many sporting activities such as swinging a golf club or tennis racket, throwing a ball or disc, and more. Use Arm Speed Analyzer to track your speed and consistency when training and improve your game.

Arm Speed Analyzer keeps track of your speed and acceleration to show progress and consistency.

Arm Speed Analyze for Watch is the most accurate speed tracking app using the accelerometer on the App Store.

Arm Speed Analyzer is free to download and try! If you like it, you can unlock Arm Speed Pro for full speed history and chart visualization options for a small price.

Arm Speed Analyzer integrates with the Health App to start a workout and to record arm movement speed.

An Apple Watch with an accelerometer is required for speed tracking.

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