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AriaTalks is a proactive and data-driven assistant that helps you and everyone on your team stay on top of business-crucial metrics and events.

As your new hire, AriaTalks acts like an experienced personal assistant and turns metrics from the tools you already use into valuable insights – whenever and wherever you need them.

No matter if your data lives in cluttered spreadsheets, a multitude of cloud services or in complex BI tools, with our broad range of integrations, Aria aggregates, processes and visualizes real-time data from all systems relevant to succeed in your job.

With Aria’s natural language insights, she humanizes interactions between people and machines. Simply ask her when you seek information, schedule time-based reports and threshold-triggered notifications or give your data systems a voice and let Aria ask you for important input right when your systems need it.

Simply start by telling Aria what is relevant for your specific job and she will have you covered. Then do the same for your teammates and let Aria provide them with all the insights they need for their specific jobs. This way you improve your team’s efficiency through in-context actionability, can act before something critical happens and avoid losing money from unexpected events.

Best of all, Aria autonomously suggests improvements for your collaboration as she gets to know you better over time − just like every good real-life assistant,

What you can do with Aria (Feature Overview):
· Access all your data and KPIs in one place and with natural language queries
· Schedule timed reports or set threshold-triggered notifications
· Leverage Aria’s voice interface and “talk” to your systems
· Get quick insights or drill in your data in a simple “click-by-click” way
· Trigger custom actions straight from your insights
· Let Aria guide you through critical situations and prevent problems in advance
· Get documented procedures right when you need them
· Seamlessly gather incident feedback and documentation
· Always have your data-expert with you − on your smartphone and smartwatch
· Define role-targeted notifications and manage access rights based on company rules
· You need an AriaTalks Cloud account in order to use the app

Please note that the Aria app is only functional with an active subscription of AriaTalks. More information at