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----Because on your wrist always, you never forget that anniversary.

How many days has passed?
"AREKARA" is the reminder of your best anniversary. It will help to accomplish your goals, by counting the number of days from the anniversary.

- Registers the day you decide to non smoking. When it became want to smoke, and to endure to look at the photo.
- Registers a wedding anniversary. When you fight, to reflect and look at the photo.
- and so on.

[How to start]
You can start by just to have the following these.

1. Date (Anniversary)
2. Title
3. Photo (You can be taken in this app. but cannot in LivePhoto. )

- LivePhoto supported.
When playing a LivePhoto in the Watch app, even if in the silent mode, the sound might be played with your Apple Watch. You can controll the sound level using a digital crown.

- Shows the number of days elapsed from the anniversary
(If the anniversary to register in future date, can also be used as a function "What days to go ~")

- Tweets the number of days

This app has In-App-Purchase feature by iTunes Store account.
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