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Arctic Spas

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Arctic Spas

Monitor and control your Arctic Spa / All Weather Pool from anywhere in the world using the Arctic Spas App on your phone, tablet, Apple Watch, or via the web at

For guidance on how to easily web connect your Spa please view

1. Preset your Spa Experience with lighting and jets! Whether it’s for tranquil alone time, spending quiet time with your partner or quality time with family and friends.
2. Power Management gives you control to set your spa to heat and filter as you desire - Based on Peak Power.
3. Monitor and adjust your spas temperature, adjust your Spa Boy® salt water system and change your filtration cycles.
4. Receive notifications for error codes directly on your iOS device; follow the notification for a description of the error with video support.
5. Access detailed information on water chemistry, standard/optional features, as well as your standard owner’s manual and quick reference cards.
6. Order your hot tub supplies

The Arctic Spas App makes Hot Tubbing Easy! Fast and Reliable
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