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At Archipelago, we're building the next generation wellness app that personalizes fitness around your lifestyle and DNA.

We believe fitness is a life-long journey rooted in exploration and self understanding. No matter your goals, we're here to guide you on the best path towards a healthy lifestyle.

We offer learning paths that let you explore fitness principles to make effective exercise routines, how to perform difficult exercises with good form, and how your DNA affects your training.

With Archipelago, you can:

- Build your custom workout routine with the help of our AI
- Explore and learn about your DNA
- Learn and master new exercises
- Track workouts and progress through the app
- Access a positive and supportive Discord community
- Get push notification reminders for scheduled workouts
- Connect to wearable devices like Apple Watch

Access to the Archipelago app is invite only.
To request access and find out more, go to
Archipelago Genomics Inc.