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Archery Tracker

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Archery Tracker

Wouldn’t it be cool if your watch could automatically count the arrows you shoot during archery training? Why pay for expensive motion capture systems while the Apple Watch is already packed with sensors that are capable of analyzing your shots?

Archery Tracker is designed for recurve archers to help them keep track of their trainings, it is the ultimate tool to analyze your shots and improve your release.

It relies on the accelerometer sensor on your Apple Watch to detect a shot, all you have to do is to wear the watch on your bow hand and start your training like normal, the watch gives you a feedback each time an arrow is shot, you can also mark shots that felt good as reference point. after you’re done, it syncs the data using HealthKit with your iPhone, so you can always track your previous workouts.

Main features:
* Full integration with HealthKit
* Automatically keep track of the number of arrows you shoot
* Mark shots that you feel good about as Good Shots on your watch
* Keep history of your trainings on your phone and iCloud (Turn on Health on iCloud)
* Generate CSV data for scientific use