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aratrain is a brand new mind and body fitness program that combines cognitive training and mindfulness with physical exercise. Exercise your body AND your the same time!

The more you use aratrain, the more you'll...

+Improve your focus
+Reduce distractibility
+Reduce your stress

Our goal is to help you optimize your performance while promoting long-term brain and body health.

Do you...

+Want to be more focused at work?
+Want to be more efficient at tackling all of the tasks on your to-do list?
+Want to be more present and focused in your athletic pursuits?
+Want to keep your body and brain healthy?

Then aratrain is for you!


aratrain contains 3 unique types of workouts, each designed to exercise your brain and your body. Each set is 5 minutes and you can mix and match workouts to create your own customized experience!

aratrain supports integration with the Health app for Apple Watch users to record heart rate and calories burned. After each workout, you will see your performance stats, including cognitive accuracy, cognitive speed and mindfulness rating.


1) Cognitive Circuits - a blend of body weight exercises combined with memory games
2) Mindful Core - core exercises with a guided mindfulness audio
3) Mindful Flexibility - a full body stretch routine with a guided mindfulness audio


aratrain's founders are neuroscientists who have brought their clinical expertise to the masses. We have poured over the most cutting edge scientific research to create a program that takes advantage of the amazing effects that physical exercise has on the brain.

By practicing brain exercises while you physically exercise you can take advantage of your brain’s neuroplasticity (the ability to form new and stronger connections) to improve focus, reduce distractions, reduce stress, and even improve brain health.

Start training your mind and body today!

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