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Aquaz will help you to monitor your consumption of fluids and maintain your body’s optimal water balance. The calculator will figure out your personal optimal daily water intake, while the extended system of prompts will help you to achieve this goal.

Aquaz features:
• Supports the most popular drinks
• Daily water intake calculator
• Extended system of notifications
• Various types of statistics (week, month and year)
• Easy adding and changing of drinks
• Drinks consumption diary
• Factors effect of weather and high activity on water balance
• Metric and U.S. units of measurement
• Convenient widget
• Integration with the Apple Health app
• Standalone app for the Apple Watch

Monitoring your consumption of water is a major step to good health. Regular insufficient water intake can be harmful to the entire body. Unfortunately, your body does not always signal water depletion in due time. Aquaz will help you to develop the habit of drinking the optimal amount of water, which will have a positive impact on your health.
Sergey Balyakin