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Aquanaut was built for convenient and easy water consumption tracking. We have considered all the best practices of water balance trackers to create a simple and friendly application without complicated settings and unnecessary features.

Besides the sports activities and nutrition, the healthy living includes enough consumption of water during the day. Dehydration of the body can be the cause of ailments, poor health, and possible health problems. Sometimes we are too busy to remember to drink water, so a little help from the Aquanaut will be very welcome.

We are proud of our integration with the Health application. Aquanaut will show your actual water consumption, either you added it directly in the Health application or using other application.

Key features of the Aquanaut:
• Apple Health integration
• Smart Reminders
• Useful widget with quick access
• Apple Watch application and complication
• Minimalistic and clear design

Aquanaut will be useful for athletes, people who maintain a healthy lifestyle, for those who due to medical reasons needs to monitor the amount of consumed water, and, of course, for anyone who is just curious about own water consumption.
Timofey Bychkov