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AppClose was chosen by Apple as part of the «Parenting Essentials» collection of apps in the U.S. and has been featured on: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Yahoo Lifestyle, TechCrunch, Austin American-Statesman, Fatherly.

Experience AppClose, the #1 Co-parenting app, to make co-parenting simpler and more seamless.

Now, co-parents, stepparents, family members, childcare providers, professionals, and other third parties – regardless of whether or not they use the app – can communicate and share information. By organizing priorities and obligations, we’ve made it even easier for you and the people in your circle to communicate, manage tasks, share appointments and events, track expenses, and send & receive money for reimbursement obligations.

Why use AppClose?
• Our unique, multi-functional calendars record and share events, appointments, expenses, and requests, & allow you to communicate by entry with other AppClose users in your circle.
• Send and receive text messages that cannot be altered or deleted.
• Group chat with multiple people in your circle.
• Video & Phone Calls
• Save or share important child-related information (allergies, special medications, alternative child care options, measurements, school related information, etc.) with your co-parent or other third parties.
• Add third parties to your circle (i.e. grandparents, stepparents, ad litems, attorneys, mental health professionals, etc.) to keep everyone on the same page.
• Use AppClose Solo when your co-parent doesn’t use the app, you are a single parent, or you want to share personal or child-related information with non-AppClose users.
• Utilizing our parenting schedule templates or customizing your own makes schedule sharing easy.
• View parenting time percentages or your planned v.actual parenting time using our built-in parenting schedule statistics tracker.
• Quickly send a pick-up, drop off, or swap days request when the unexpected happens.
• Check-in. With this exclusively private and non-trackable feature, you can now keep accurate records of when you arrive or depart any location, such as picking up or dropping off kids at exchanges or anywhere else for that matter.
• Track expenses by category and scan and organize receipts easily.
• Submit reimbursement requests through our expense tracker and keep records of any responses from the recipient (approved, declined, or paid).
• Send and receive money for reimbursement obligations via ipayou®, our built-in payment solution.
• Calendar notes!

Exporting Records

With AppClose, exporting records is simple! Whether you need records for personal use or for litigation purposes, you can easily export the following records as needed:

• Unaltered text messages (on-on-one or group chat messages)
• Call records
• Expense records
• Check-in records
• Reimbursement request, payments and response records
• Pick up, drop off, or swap days request and response records
• AppClose Solo requests and events

What is AppClose Solo?

AppClose Solo is a unique and exclusive feature only available to AppClose users, allowing you to send requests and events to non-connected co-parents, third parties, or other family members via text, email, or social media. You can even attach receipts or documents and export and print any records you might need with continued access to all of the other benefits of AppClose.

AppClose supports our brave military families with a way to stay connected without the burden of another expense. Within a military circle, armed forces members can keep track of kids’ schedules, exchange important child-related information, and send and receive payments for expenses. During deployments and special trainings or assignments, military parents or third parties can still receive information regarding events or requests via email when app access is not an option due to location or special orders.
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