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App Practice

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App Practice

App Practice is designed by MDBug to allow MDBug patients to share their health and insulin information and to communicate with their MDBug physician.

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Record Blood Glucose
Patients can enter blood glucose, along with information such as before or after meal.
Values of entries are color coded based on generic ranges and how it was recorded relative to the meal (before or after or neither).

You can even record answers to Hypoglycemia questions when you record low glucoses

Health App Integration
The app integrates with the Health app. When you enter blood glucose results, they will also be recorded in the Health app. The app will ask for permission to use HealthKit in order for blood glucose to be entered into the Health App. You can choose to allow to write to the Health App blood glucose, heart rate, height and weight. You can choose to allow read from the Health app blood glucose, date of birth, heart rate, height, sex, and weight

MDBug Integration
The app is also integrated with the MDBug EMR. If the patient's doctor uses MDBug, then the doctor can view the blood glucose values and provide better care the patient. The patient can also choose to allow their doctor to see other information from the health app.

Insulin Pump Data
You can record the times and values for your insulin pump so that you and your physician will have an up to date record

Diabetes Profile
You can set your diabetes profile including what type of diabetes you are on, and how long. Also record your level of education and how much assistance is needed

Private Chats with patient's provider
Patients can send secure private messages to their physician and they in turn can respond.