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Organize, play and have a video game experience of your real-life football.

The time has come to revolutionize your game with the football app that is changing the way the sport is played in Brazil and around the world.

Appito is your personal assistant that allows you to manage your group and team, rent a field, organize matches and even find football games happening near you that fit your profile. With the integration of the CareKit and Health Kit, Appito offers an Apple Watch version to keep track of your performance on the pitch. If you use the functionalities it offers, it promises to change the lives of football lovers, in and out of field.

Organize your football in one place:

- You can manage your entire group and team, creating weekly matches and one-off events.
- Invite players easily: via Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, link, email or by the app itself.
- When you organize your football on Appito, you will also have a presence list for your crew, with a list of confirmations, refusals and waiting lists. In addition, this control can be divided between the monthly and one-off players.
- Controlling payments is also much easier! With the payments tool you can manage all the cash flow of the group, controlling if the money of the team has already been paid or not, month by month. No more wasting time with spreadsheet or that outdated notepad.
- Through the wall of the match, you can talk with other players and share images of the group.
- In addition, if you need to complete a team, just turn the privacy of your game to ‘public’ and Appito will invite players in the community with the profile of your game. Never again will your football suffer from lack of players.
- The Apple watch version is your football fitness companion and keeps track of all your health and fitness performances on the pitch.

Real-life video game experience:

- If you're the kind of player who always loves to play football and even when he gets home plays video game, such as FIFA or PES, now you have everything in one app.
- Create your own player profile, like in FIFA, based on your real gameplay characteristics.
- During and after the end of the games, you can score the football statistics, adding goals, assists and defenses for all players.
- At the end of the games, all players rank each other, generating a ranking of the best players of the match, top scorer, best playmaker and best defender. The ranking is generated from the grades and statistics that each player receives from other players.
- The ranking influences your player level in the app and allows you to follow your evolution, completely based on your performances on the pitch.

Play more football!

- If you feel that urge to play football, you can now find matches that will happen near you and that fit your player profile and availability.
- Now you can play football whenever you want, anytime. And rest assured, we'll let you know if there are football matches that fit your profile and fit your schedule.
"You were interested in a game, but you're still not sure if that game is really for you?" Contact the soccer organizer via the chat or even give him a call.
- At the end of the game, you can evaluate both the game and the organizer of the game, so you will help other people decide where and how to play.

Renting a field has never been easier:

- Now it is possible to rent fields, directly through the app, without complications. Check prices, availability of schedules and available fields, all in a simplified way and in one place.
- Book with exclusive deals in the best fields near you.
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