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Apitador is a community that innovates the way you organize, book and join soccer games. With Apitador you can find and book fields, look for players to complete your matches, as well as join games nearby that need players like you. Every game counts; you will be ranked after each match and will be able to compare your performances with your friends and the rest of the community.

Apitador easily allows you to:
• Find a field to play with your friends
• Book the best fields near you
• Join games that are about to happen near you
• Invite friends, friends of friends and new players to join your games
• Organize public and private games
• Confirm or decline player’s requests to join your game
• Change the privacy of a match to fill spare spaces
• Time each match with the in-app timer
• Count the goals scored by each player in the game
• Give and receive notes based on your performance from every player
• Elect the man of the match for every game
• Visualize the evolution of your statistics on your profile
• Instant chat with your private groups, in your games, and one-to-one directly in the app
• Record the amount of games you played, the goals you scored and the number of times you were elected man of the match
• Share your statistics with the world

The ecosystem of Apitador connects your soccer to the digital world, extending your game to another level.

Organize. Play. Evolve.
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