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AP Chemistry Exam Review

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AP Chemistry Exam Review

The best way to review on the go for the AP Chemistry Exam! Test your knowledge with tricky True/False questions to get ready for the big test. Anytime you have an extra second, pull out this review and do a couple questions, no calculator, paper, or periodic table needed!

-Apple Watch App
Go through questions on the go with a full version developed specifically for Apple Watch. You can view and answer questions, as well as read explanations as to why you missed some.

-Helpful Explanations
If you miss a question, the AP Chemistry Review App will prompt you with an explanation to walk you through why the wrong answer is wrong, and why the right answer is right.

-Comprehensive Overview
Questions about everything from Thermochemistry to Kinetics are in the review, providing an accurate overview of what to expect on the AP Chemistry Exam.

-Simplistic Interface
Visually view your progress on the neon progress wheel, and watch the interactive display light up different colors to subtly signify wrong and right answers.

*This app is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by AP or The College board.
Daniel Matar